Top Tips For Saving Money On Summer Road Trips

Summer road trips can be a great way to get out of town and onto the open road for some summer fun. If you can’t afford that luxury vacation there are ways to still take a mini-break and refuel your soul. Vacations are so important to balancing life, your job, your personal life, and your well-being in general. Why not roll the windows down and get some fresh air!? You don’t have to go very far, many states have cool road trips that will take you camping, to a B&B, or a cool natural wildlife spot just a few hours outside of town. Here are some great money saving tips for your next summer road trip.

Check Out Sweet Road Maps

The most important thing to do is to map out your summer road trip. While you might be up for being spontaneous, you don’t want to get lost and waste gas. Pick a cool place and check out some seriously amazing stuff along the way. If you choose a destination you can be slightly spontaneous in where you stop along the way. actually has some really cool summer road trip maps in their blog section.

Once you choose your road trip destination, you should download your directions and get map friendly with your destination. Some GPS devices simply don’t have the capacity to keep up with rural maps or areas, or the area on say Google Maps isn’t updated. It’s best to be really knowledgeable before you take off and get lost on your road trip.

Take A Fuel Efficient Car

Fuel efficiency is crucial when saving money on a summer road trip. The more fuel efficient, the less money you will spend. It’s just that simple. A great way to ensure optimum fuel efficiency, is to do some routine maintenance before you hit the open road. Check fluids and top up where needed. Make sure your air and oil filters are clean and in good shape. Check your brakes, as rapid braking can really cost you gas mileage.

Grab Supplies

Food on the road can be super expensive, but if you utilize your local grocery store and a cooler you’ll save a bundle. Get savvy and bring a bunch of snacks and non-perishable meals. Pack a cooler with plenty of water, as you’ll want to stay hydrated on your drive in the summer sun. Make sure you put a roadside emergency kit in the trunk of your car with extra oil and a charger just in case you break down and don’t have any battery life after all those road selfies.

Be Mindful When Driving

Watching your speed and acceleration can make all the difference when it comes to saving on gas. Just like rapid braking, driving erratically can cause you to lose money and waste gas. Be very mindful of your surroundings. You might be an excellent driver, but others in areas you’ve never visited can drive differently. Roads can be different, or change and are not updated on the GPS. Another great reason to research where you’re headed on your summer road trip. Also, driving over 60 mph can really hike up the fuel price for you. The average driver will spend 20 cents less per gallon if they keep their car at a sweet pace under 60 mph. So consider driving like your Dad is behind you, and you’ll save even more this summer on your next road trip.

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