Ways to Save on Buying Clothes (Besides Buying Used)

Sure, we all enjoy going clothes shopping; it makes you feel good to wear something other than the tired outfits you continue to pull off.  The problem though, when does it become overspending and waste vs. a need.  Since we no longer need to do the “back to school” shopping ourselves, how often do you find yourself getting new clothes?  When you need something for the night?  Any every week or so experience?  Or do you just buy when you start to find holes?  No matter how often you purchase, there is definitely no need to overspend.

Take Proper Care to Last

As long as you are not buying clothes that fall apart with a couple of washes, you should be able to make them last quite a while.  I learned the hard way about not turning a couple items inside out, and a sports jersey started to peel off, but had I washed correctly, it would have lasted for years.  Pay attention to the tag on the inside, whether it’s dry clean only or machine wash (learned that the hard way as well).  Care can also matter when it comes to storage.  For sweaters, since you only wear, hopefully, one season a year, by hanging you can create stretches in the shoulders, so those are best to be folded.

Never Shop Without Coupons

This seems like it would be common sense, but a store’s sale, even a clearance, may not be enough.  There are always stipulations on what you can/cannot use when it comes to clothes purchases, but if you can gather coupons before you go, the better off you will be.  Stores like Express always have coupons with spending minimums, such as if you spend $100, you might get $25 off.  That is great, but keep in mind a lot of their items can end in 90 cents so it can sometimes be tough to hit the minimum exactly.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Generic

I know for me these days, my friends and I just wear plain solid color t-shirts, both V-neck and crew, and that is pretty much the extent of the shirt piece of the wardrobe.  That being said, who is to tell if I’m wearing a $40 solid color t-shirt, or a $8 shirt from Target.  The answer, no one.  So why bother spending more than you have to on a t-shirt when no one can tell the difference anyway.  I suppose you can tell a little more with a women’s dress, but I know my wife likes to “accessorize” and she can spruce up and outfit, expensive or less-expensive.

Shop for Need vs. Want

If you find yourself buying something to wear that night, or just because an item is on sale, you may want to evaluate and only go when it is a need.  If you can limit yourself to going once a year especially, but I know that may seem unreasonable, so maybe at least once in the winter and once when it gets warm may be better?

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