Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be expensive depending on the family size, but still doesn’t compare to what it would cost to go out to eat.  If you can eat your meals at home, pack your lunch, and even brew coffee at home to take on the way to work, you could be saving hundreds of dollars a month.  The grocery store can be overwhelming, but if you have a plan going in, you can be successful and come out saving at the register.

Don’t Leave Home Hungry

The worst you can do to your grocery budget, and probably to your waistline, is go to the grocery store on an empty stomach.  You always hear of those that run in for milk and bread and come out spending $100, and don’t let you be another statistic.  When you are hungry, everything sounds good, so you will load up the cart with plenty of impulse, and most likely unnecessary purchases.  If you can eat a full meal at home you will have a much clearer head and can get in and get out with little damage done.

Stick to the Shopping List

You can also do damage to your wallet if you go in without a plan.  Not only will you probably forget a necessary item or two that you actually went in there for, but you will come out with much more than you needed if you don’t stick to a shopping list.  It can even help to not go up and down each aisle, but to just seek out the items on your list, that way you can keep your head down and focused on the shopping list and not products that stick out for you to buy.

Use the Rewards Card

Sure, the regular price items are probably more so they entice you to use your shopper’s rewards car, but then I guess why not use it.  You can use it for the promo items on sale, but also the more you use it at the checkout the more you can accumulate fuel points that you can redeem at the participating gas stations that will take money off each gallon of gas.  You can also go to the store’s website and load digital coupons to your card that will automatically take money off of the purchased item at the checkout, just the trick is remembering what you loaded, so you may have to print off the list as a reminder.

Shop During the Week

The stores are packed on the weekend, so there is little need for the grocery store to have any additional sales when they already know they’re going to be busy.  During the week, you can find many promos that will take additional money of the sale prices if you buy the ticketed items.  In addition to saving money during the week, you will also find the store less-crowded, especially if you go during my favorite time, which is mid-week, after dinner.  You will hardly see a soul in the store.

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